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In Da City!

Ananda and his father, Yohan might not be the best supporter for each other. In fact, they're not even close. When they move to the city, for a better future according to Yohan, complications occur. then time is ticking and the situation compels them to say what they really mean. 

Will they finally reveal what they mean to each other?

The Cues

Lydia Santoso is a newbie in the theatre production. She is the Assistant Stage Manager responsible for back stage business. Few hours before the opening night, she receives the news that the Stage Manager must stay at the clinic. She is expected to lead the team for the night. Lydia must struggle to pull herself together and step up. Right when things seem to be on the right track, bad news strikes. Can she lead? Will she leave?

A Story of Wounds

A Story of Wounds follows the life of Nina, an artist who returns to her hometown when her mother begs her to, leaving Bali--her safe haven as an artist--and her boyfriend behind. Finally relenting to her mother's persuasion, she then marries Ruben Tanadi, a man everyone thinks would bring her everything she could ever hope for.

Just as she begins to adjust to her new role as a wife and a daughter-in-law of the Tanadis, reality hits her hard: Ruben is an abusive husband, especially when he is under the influence of alcohol. Nina tries to fight it, but as the abuse intensifies, she doesn't seem strong enough to withstand it. Even if she tells people about this, will anyone believe her? Will she give up or will she survive?

Going Home

After receiving a message in her dream that she's going to meet her God in three days, Suryani makes it her mission to convert her daughter to her religion. But, for the love of God, it won't be easy.